My Olympus – At the paths of the legendary Olympus

We are wandering at Olympus, the mythical mountain that symbolizes the Ancient Greek Spirit. A timeless place where the prehistory of Greeks is encountered, along with the history and the Christian reality that does not obviate the flow of history but transforms it and highlights it …

 Writes Sissy Nika – Journalist of Taste and Culture

Olympus, a name with worldwide recognition and untouched beauty.

Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece, with the most peaks with 59 peaks over 2,000 meters and many other in smaller heights. Recognized by UNESCO as one of the largest ecosystems in the biosphere.

The mythical mountain is part of the Natura 2000 and characterized as archaeological and historical place as it’s directly linked to the historical memories of Hellenism from ancient times until today.

Since the 19th century Olympus has attracted the interest of researchers which they are studying the rich flora and fauna since the Olympian native plants are 26 and 1700 species of plants have been recorded. Wildflowers, mushrooms and herbs are of unique beauty and the birds are in their kingdom.

Olympus is my refuge and it still surprises me …  The truth is that you can’t stand such a beauty…

Olympus and his people

At Olympus they climb and will continue to climb people from every corner of the earth to find themselves and the meaning of their existence, to feel the presence of hundreds of centuries of myth and history, to feel the silent wilderness of steep peaks, to identify not only with the rock, snow and wind but also with the divine. Words of the researcher and author for Olympus Mr. Nikos Nezi who took over to show me around.

The interest of sightseers was always great for the conquest of the top, but also a difficult task. On August 2, 1913 at 10:25 am, the highest peak, the top of Olympus that no man had stepped before, the peak Mitika of height 2.918m, was conquered by barefoot hunter Christos Kakalos and Swiss Frederic Boissonnas photographer and author Daniel Baud Bovy.

Today we enjoy the mountain by following easy or medium difficulty well-marked and accessible trails as at the waterfalls at Mills Litohorou and from the Prionia to the Monastery and the Holy Cave. Clear waters, streams, 90 springs to relax but after the 2000 meters there is no water because of the rocks … The weather is changing constantly and you experience all the seasons in a few hours.

My Olympus

In the heart of Olympus a fairytale forest, with towering trees wrapped in fog and impetuous torrents. I feel universal energy and harmony. The sounds of nature interrupted by flying hawks. Descend to the New Monastery of St.Dionysios of Olympus to meet the Abbot Elder Maximos and the monks that I consider them as my family.

My joy was great when father Cornelius informed us that the black pigs have newborns, the primitive Greek breed reared in the farm of the monastery. The meat has little fat, beneficial organoleptic elements, Omega 3 fats and their meat is much sought after. Here also there are organically-grown vegetables and fruit varieties. Because of Olympus’ biodiversity the honey of the Monastery is amazing as it is the traditional monastic cooking “by hand” of Father Porphyrios. Unforgettable moments …