The Greek islands and Erdogan – Writes Nick G. Sakellaropoulos

On April 30, 1982 in New York the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea was signed. This contract, with clear references to the EEZ and the rights of the islands in the EEZ, Turkey did not sign. And basically, as a pirate, denies the existence of the Constitution of the Oceans created by the world community.

Writes Nick G. Sakellaropoulos

And Erdogan from one side systematically states that “the Turkish claims are connected with economic interests in issues of fisheries and hydrocarbons,” while denying the existence of the concept of the EEZ, since he knows that if there is delimitation under the Convention of the Law of the Sea, Turkey is ONLY entitled to 7.5% of the total area of ​​the Aegean.

Hence he has chosen this aggressive policy projecting continually his unfounded positions. And in this aggressive policy he has defined as his targets Chios (Inousses), Lesbos, Ikaria and Kastelorizo. And has delimited the famous gray areas. Including:

  1. Oinousses (In Turkish: Koyun Ada) [occupation plan island “Panagia” (pass) Oinousses.
  2. Fourni (In Turkish: Hurşit Ada) with constant violations – overflights.
  3. Agathonisi (In Turkish. Eşek Adası) with constant violations – overflights.
  4. Arki (In Turkish: Nergizcik Ada)
  5. Pharmakonisi (In Turkish: Bulamaç Adası) with constant violations – overflights.
  6. Kalolimnos (In Turkish: Kalolimnoz Adası), next to the Imia.
  7. Pserimos (In Turkish: Keçi Adası), up from Kos.
  8. Giali (In Turkish: Sakarcilar Ada), above Nissiros.
  9. Sirna (In Turkish: Ardaçık Ada), below Astypalea.
  10. Levitha (In Turkish: Koç Baba Ada), the strategic passage between Amorgos and Leros.
  11. Thymaina (In Turkish: Fornoz Ada), next to the Fournous
  12. Dia (In Turkish: Dhia Adasi), north of Crete.
  13. Dionysades (In Turkish: Dionysades Adası), NE Crete.
  14. Koufonissi (In Turkish: Koufonisi), SE Crete.
  15. Xrysi or Gaidouronisi (In Turkish: Gaidhouronisi), south of Crete.
  16. Gavthos (In Turkish: Gavdos Adası), SW Crete.
  17. Kalogeroi (In Turkish: Venedik Kayaliklari or Kalari), vital rocky island in the middle of the Aegean]

We say again: A Piracy Policy!

Erdogan can claim that there is no EEZ, but it is clear that he is targeting these specific islands, since through them and based on the Law of the Sea, Turkey will be entitled a larger EEZ!

A simple look at the map explains perfectly why he covets these islands.

If he gets Kastelorizo, he will have a say in our EEZ belonging to Kastelorizo ​​triangle – Crete and eastern Mediterranean, where the signs indicate that there are oil deposits.

If he gets Chios (Inousses), Lesbos and Ikaria, he will have a say in the EEZ to the west of the islands belonging to Greece.

If he gets the surrounding Crete places, he will have a say in the Greek and Cypriot EEZ.

And it is significant that these particular islands are carefully selected, among many others, to break the Greek –based on law– sovereignty in the Aegean through their EEZ.

So the piracy of Erdogan and of Turkey has an explanation.

And regardless of the laws that exist in the world, we have to be constantly vigilant ….

Much more in these circumstances, where Erdogan and regardless of the referendum that will make him or not the sultan with a seal, he feels vulnerable, and has open fronts in the east and south of Turkey and of course with Europe and the US.

The wounded beast is the most dangerous.

And Erdogan’s threats on total change of borders (namely the abolition of the Lausanne Treaty) with claims against Greece in air, sea and land, confirm that we have to be on alert…