Cooking recipes: Kantaifi with pistachio and mastiha from Chios

posted by Sissy Nika – Journalist Taste and Culture
From the finest baked sweets of the summer that I enjoyed in Aegina, the pistachio. Delicate aroma and flavor that connects the two islands. Not a random choice since this relationship that lasts for years gave ‘birth’ to pistachio. The fine variety of the  pistachio tree in the island is entitled as “From Aegina” and is grafted onto raki from Chios … Our kantaifi is an emblematic sweet of this relationship …
Kolona of Aegina

The first tree of pistachio ‘came’ in Aegina from Syria in early 1900 by doctor N.Peroglou, who kept its cultivation secret. But as always, nothing stays secret… The secret was spread and its cultivation spread … The microclimate and soil composition contributed to the production of a prime fruit, resulting in monoculture throughout the island.

Our trip to the roads of pistachio brought us to the island of artists, since many chose the island for their permanent residence. My favorite Nikos Kazantzakis, stayed for 20 years in the house of the rock with the big blue windows and huge caper bushes which he loved. The endless blue inspired him. A few meters further the famous sculptor Kapralos, flourished. His sculpture of “Mother” is in front of his house – museum that you can visit.

Summer is dedicated to my favorite artist Yiannis Moralis for whom the island was a source of inspiration and a place for the gathering of creative artists.

The gastronomy and culture of Aegina “meet” on 16-18 of September, in the Pistachio Festival. The editorial team of Emvolos however, is invited, so you will get the correspondence.

Few more information about the island, where pilgrims from all over Greece come reverently to the Holy Monastery of Saint Nektarios.

The house of Nikos Kazantzakis

Aegina is famous for its fish market and its katsoules, a unique seafood delicacy… The beautiful fish that loves the calm and clear waters with sandy bottom. The taste resembles that of Sole but is even better … fried them with butter and “deglazed” with sparkling wine …a poem.

Second stop for ouzo with seafood, next to the fish market, the hot gastronomic spot of Aegina, the tavern “Agora” of Geladakis.

Third stop for pistachio and its sweet sins … in all versions at the “Mourtzi” … The pistachio nougat is delicious like the small pistachio sweets.. Nektaria excels in confectionery and Panagiotis is a known pistachio cultivator. The second generation continues the worthy endeavor.

Fourth stop on the “passing road” of the harbor, classic in unique Aeakio for its dreamy profiterole, sprinkled with pistachio and fine chocolate.

Kantaifi with pistachio and mastiha

From Nektaria Mourtzi, of the pastry Mourtzi, Aegina


700 gr. kantaifi filo

200 gr. butter

For the filling

500 gr. pistachio in pieces

1 tbsp lemon zest without wax

1 pinch mastiha powder

 For the syrup

1 liter of water

1200 gr. granulated sugar

200 gr. thyme honey

1 lemon slice

For finishing

100 gr. grated pistachio

Κανταΐφι-με-φιστίκι-Αιγίνης-και-μαστίχα-ΧίουHow to prepare

In a bowl, pour the ingredients for the stuffing and mix well.

Spread on our bench the kantaifi sheets (fila) and separate with our fingers until they get untangled.

Cut with a knife and split in two.

In a frying pan, heat gently the butter until it is thick.

Brush with butter a baking dish and place the kantaifi sheets. To be covered with butter, pour the remaining butter.

Divide the sheets into 6 strips and press well.

Divide the stuffing into 6 parts and put them in the center.

Wrap our kantaifi in a roll.

Put the pan in a well preheated oven at 180 °C and bake until golden brown for 45-50 minutes.

Prepare the syrup by putting in a saucepan all the ingredients and boil for 3 minutes until it thickens.

Allow for the temperature to become moderate for 10 minutes.

Remove the kantaifi from the oven and as it is warm we pour the syrup.

Allow to cool and sprinkle with pistachios and serve.

Ice cream pistachio is great to be served with as well as the kaimaki ice cream.

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