Cooking recipes: Chicken with curry and yogurt – delicious!

Chicken with curry and yogurt – delicious!



Anna Katahana
Posted by Anna Katachana

450 gr chicken pieces (breasts or thighs)
Three colorful peppers
Chopped mushrooms
1 strained yogurt
1 tablespoon corn flour
1 large glass of orange juice
Curry (2-3 tbsp.)
Salt  and pepper
Olive oil for frying

How to prepare:

Fry the chicken in the olive oil until it gets a nice red color and then remove from the pan.

kotopoulo-me-kary-1-chicken-with-curry-and-yogurtIn the same oil fry the peppers and mushrooms and add the curry and let them wither.

kotopoulo-me-kary-2-chicken-with-curry-and-yogurtThen add the chicken and add salt and pepper.

kotopoulo-me-kary-3Pour the orange juice.
Allow to boil and when our food is ready add the yoghurt to which we have thoroughly dissolved the corn flour. Firstly pour some juice from the pot, mix it and then pour it again in order to avoid becoming grainy. Let it boil until the sauce thickens. Do not let it boil for a long time.

kotopoulo-me-kary-4Served with basmati rice.

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