AKKEL: Multinational control of Turkish territories, where illegal immigrants are crossing, is the only solution

Μαζί από απόσταση
Μαζί από απόσταση
Μαζί από απόσταση
Μαζί από απόσταση

As we are all furiously watching over the actions of the Turkish deep state, which Erdogan fully expresses, with the accumulation of thousands of displaced people at the Greek-Turkish border,

we are also obliged to promote solutions that will put a final end to the inhuman trafficking of eventually millions of people from Asia, Africa and the Middle East to Greece and throughout Europe.

The Agriculture and Livestock Party of Greece (AKKEL) has an exclusive commitment and focus on service to the Greek people. Therefore, we are not afraid to propose real and functional solutions to tackle such phenomena of outrageous and perverse behavior, as the indignation of both the Greek people and the peoples of Europe has taken off. The open attack of police forces against Greek citizens on the islands furthermore calls for a definitive solution to this phenomenon, as we have already reached unacceptable anti-democratic and fascist government behavior that serves Turkish trafficking networks.

The solution is one: To remove the control of the Turkish regime in the border regions of Turkey with Greece and Bulgaria. That is, to create a buffer zone within Turkey and not of course in Greece and Bulgaria.

A multinational force of mainly European states (affected by the displacement of populations) will take control of these areas and establish migrant centers in these areas to control those who are entitled to be refugees and to return to their home countries those who are not. Without NGOs and with EU money be driven there and not to Turkey.

Turkey should not be seen as a conventional, democratic country. It was well known that the official Turkish state and government leadership supported and operated networks of trafficking of displaced people to Europe via Greece and Bulgaria. In recent months, however, this has not only been fully confirmed without a hint of controversy, but Erdogan himself has been blackmailing and threatening to send thousands of illegal immigrants to Europe. It is the strongest and most public acknowledgment of the complete control in handling of the traffic network by the official Turkish state.

Not only is this unacceptable, but if left unanswered, both Greece and the rest of Europe will become parts of these criminal networks. It is clear that the Turkish government control, over the territory occupied by Turkey, is not in the profile of a healthy state serving its citizens and those who live in or pass through the territory. On the contrary, it is about serving criminal interests: to a large extent Erdogan’s and his family’s interests.

Therefore, bearing in mind the extremely critical conditions in which we find ourselves, it is perfectly ethical, democratic and legal for the victims of this policy to take control of these areas through which the Turkish regime is sending displaced people to European territory: Stop the flow in Turkey, turn it around so that NOONE would step on European soil.

The composition of these multinational control forces in the Turkish border regions may include (except Greece) France, Italy and Austria (as their leadership have publicly offered support for the defense of European borders), as well as Hungary and other countries that have reacted strongly to illegal immigration waves. Now they can prove that they really want a solution and that they were not just talking for domestic consumption.