Christian Orthodox Thyateira Youth : Dinner and Movie Night

On Thursday, 27th April 2023, Christian Orthodox Thyateira Youth hosted its second Dinner and Movie Night at the Archdiocesan Cathedral of the Divine Wisdom at Bayswater.

The evening began with a buffet of food and beverages. To the joy of the young people gathered, His Eminence made a surprise visit and addressed the young people gathered, as well as expressed his support for all the Archdiocesan initiatives that cultivate faith and fellowship, most especially among the younger generations.

Following his archpastoral exhortations, the evening continued with the screening of the “Life of St. Gabriel” by Trisagion Films. The wonderful gathering concluded with a brief reflection by Archimandrite Nephon Tsimalis, Chancellor, and with a concluding prayer.

The date and time of the next COTY Dinner and Movie Night will be soon announced. For more information on COTY, please email:

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