The trapped “sultan” – Writes Nick G. Sakellaropoulos

Caught in the misery of the economic and political uncertainty we do not give much attention to Erdogan’s antics. Either within his country or to the challenges in the Aegean and the constant questioning of the international treaties and of the status quo of the region itself.

Νίκος Γ. Σακελλαρόπουλος
Writes Nick G. Sakellaropoulos

What is certain is that the “sultan” creates a growing crisis and economic instability in his country and by ruling somewhat as a dictator uses the current state of emergency there for domestic consumption. He exerts intense pressure to justice, the media, public administration or even to the business world that is arrested and eliminated.

Now, Erdogan is trying to legitimize de facto the increase his powers.

And he has the support of Turkish nationalists in the over-concentration of powers.

In order to succeed, he is engaged in a systematic application of aggression.

Either in his personal pre-referendum campaign either against the “Gkioulenists” or even further to the escalation of threats against our country.

What is certain is that Erdogan’s need to maintain the support of the nationalists, increases the risks to the security of his country, especially since the army was weakened after the failed coup.

It is also certain that he cannot do anything different than the continuation of his cruel attitude towards the Kurdish party and this appears to exclude any return to peace talks. Erdogan will continue to confront with his army the Kurds in Syria even after the political agreement on the withdrawal of the armed forces in Iraq.

This, however, is almost certain to refuel the terrorism in Turkey.

Something more: The agreement concerning the refugees made by Turkey with the EU, is likely now that it will not be kept. With all that this entails for our country.

If Erdogan wins in the referendum and his powers are extended, of course he will be greatly relieved. He will be able to act as a de facto «executive chairman.”

That will make the immodest “sultan” even more unpredictable and dangerous.

Diplomatic and military analysts predict that if things do not go well for Turkey in Syria, Erdogan will then systematically will be threatened and at length by a new coup …

And the Sea will be his opportunity for the disorientation of the interior of Turkey …

Let us be vigilant

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