When were the Russians our friends? – Writes Nick G. Sakellaropoulos

Those who talk about diplomacy and history issues with a trained diplomat would not find it difficult to draw the conclusion that the reticence towards the idea that the Russians are our friends, is extremely high.

The diplomatic notion that in international politics especially dangerous is the wolf that appears to you as sheep, it is perfectly reflected in the case of the theoretical friendship of Russia towards Greece.
Νίκος Γ. Σακελλαρόπουλος
Writes Nikos G. Sakellaropoulos, contributor journalist of Emvolos

But someone does not need to be a diplomat to be able to understand that Russia over time, not only coincidental, has used us and uses us to protect only their own interests.

Let us remember:

At the height of the Byzantine Empire, around the 9th century, there appeared in the current Kiev the state of Rus. The precursor of the empire that followed.

The proximity to Constantinople, brought them into contact with the Greek element and this fact has contributed the most to the formation of Russia’s cultural identity.

Watch now, the first Russian historical faux pas:

When Constantinople was asking the help of the Christian world during the siege by Muhammad, the Russians acted as they did not understand. You see, their strategic interests were opposite. And when the City (Polis) fell, they used our common religion to soothe the massacres and destruction. It was the time that prophecies and words of love were written for the “blond race” that ….  WILL help in the future to take back the Polis (Constantinou-Polis). That is, after they left Byzantium without help, then they appeared through religion as protectors. To use us again afterwards.

Let’s move on. The infringements continue.

With the plans of Catherine the Great, the Orlov ones and the total indifference of the Tsar for the struggle of the Greeks for independence from the Ottomans. The cause being the constant competition with the British, over who will have control of Greece. And even their participation in the Naval Battle of Navarino with which the liberation of Greece was signed, was only because it served their strategic plans and search for sea outlets in the Mediterranean, which was problematic because of the Russo-Turkish War (The Sultan was dragged to a treaty concluded in Edirne on 14 September 1829). The Treaty of Adrianople gave Russia most of the eastern coast of the Black Sea and the mouth of the Danube. Turkey recognized Russia’s sovereignty of Georgia and parts of today’s Armenia, while Serbia was granted autonomy and Russia was able to occupy Moldavia and Wallachia guaranteeing their wellbeing and of course full “freedom of commerce” until Turkey paid its war reparations. Moreover emperor Nicholas then put constant obstacles to Kapodistrias regarding the Greek problem, following Metternich’s anti-Greek mentality, resulting in Kapodistrias’ resignation from the Russian Foreign Ministry and the subsequent exclusive preoccupation with the liberation of Greece on its own merits and actions from Switzerland where he resided.

After the liberation of the country, the Russians created in the country the “Russian party” and together with the corresponding “French” and “English” were antagonizing in decisions that served their own interests and created a great division in politics and society.

Infringements continue: In 1917, when the Bolsheviks seized power, they were the ones that armed Kemal Ataturk because this was imposed by their strategic interests that could not be the same with those of the West. And they were watching without care, when Kemal’s irregulars slaughter the Greeks of Asia Minor, Pontus, Armenians and anything non-Muslim.

Immediately after it, Russia began the erosion of Greek society, with the ideological war that systematically was enforced by the Greek Communist Party (ΚKE).

There are more misdeeds of our otherwise friend Russia.

While the whole world had recognized that the resistance of the Greeks was the decisive turning point for the development of the Second World War, as the Germans lost time in Greece and attacked in Russia in the dead of winter, the dictator Stalin again betrayed Greece.

While he had agreed with Churchill at Yalta for the postwar scene in Greece, he left his companions to cause the devastating until today civil war. All Western countries were rebuilding, but we were fighting among ourselves, because Stalin did not stop the absolute dependent from him Greek communists.

And not only that. Still playing a dirty game, he is the one that the time of the annexation treaty of the Dodecanese in Greece (1948), he strongly asked for their demilitarization. Stalin! And there are still Greeks who admired him … !!!

Want more?

Who does not know that behind the refusal of Turkey (the famous casus belli for the extension of Greece’s maritime borders of the 6 to 12 nautical miles) is Russia? That Russia is opposed even if they know that it serves ONLY Turkish interests in the Aegean?

Infringements continue:

When Putin came to the power (2000) and put into action the resurgence of Russia as a great hegemonic power in the world, he used and uses Greece again as a “rabbit”. Using as a bulwark again the common religion.

Beware: In the framework of the parascientific cooperation of Huntington – Ntoukin considered that if the mosques are incubators of Islamic revisionism, we must make the churches centers of the Orthodox equivalent.

But, from when the Greek Orthodox faith has relations with revisionism?

And precisely because it has not, it survived so many centuries among the Muslim world.

Since this serves the revisionist project of Russia, we forget everything in favor of a bunch of Russian rubles and we play their game.

And let us not forget that in the Greek political scene, media are controlled, politicians also, people who drink water in the name of Putin have already been “planted”, while they and several picturesque people attempt to influence the gullible ones with myths of the blond race that will give us the Polis !

Let’s not thing the fact that every time the Russian leader visits the Holy Mountain (Agio Oros), he assures the eminent monks that if Greece is threatened by Turkey he will put under the protection of Russia’ the “Garden of Virgin Mary” …

But where was Putin and Russia when the Prime Minister, the Defence Minister and several other ministers run kneeling to ask for help? When Lafazanis was declaring that we secured an advance of 5 billion, and when the other government officials announced that Russians will give us jet fighters against …. oranges and other such blithely?

Where was Putin and the Russians when there was a time to exclude their alleged friend, Greece from the European product embargo they opposed for Europe’s reaction to the annexation of the Crimea? From which embargo thousands of Greek farmers and exporters were destroyed?

And where is Putin and Russia when it comes to the constant challenges of the Turks in the Aegean?

Those were not also that ran to assist Erdogan, after the failed coup against him? Those are not the ones that construct a nuclear power plant in Turkey to produce electricity and perhaps with nuclear war prospects?

Those are not the ones who fight mercilessly against the Ecumenical Patriarchate? And waiting for the biological end of Bartholomeos to inherit the position of the Russian successor? Those are not the ones seeking control of all other Greek Orthodox patriarchates to convert them into services of their Foreign Ministry?

Perhaps those of you who read these lines, ask yourselves: Well ok, the historical data cannot be doubted, but for everything else happening in recent years in Greece without Greece, nobody reacts?

The truth is that important politicians reacted strongly to suggestions of a leading economic influencer, which is related with Russia and affects Northern Greece, to create a party that would have localized references associated with the Greek north.

But, the “work” continues …

And two last questions:

Is it possible the correlations between Russia, the US and Europe to have changed for our country? Can Greece become the next Ukraine?

Do not rush to answer. Nor talk about conspiracy scenarios.

Just it is a good idea to think about the history and not consume at once anything that is served to us … Especially when the meal contains… orthodoxy and … “blond race” …

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