Food Festival Agioli: A unique gastronomic experience with a breathtaking view of Thermaikos Gulf and a menu that appeals to everyone!

Μαζί από απόσταση
Μαζί από απόσταση
Μαζί από απόσταση
Μαζί από απόσταση

We are welcoming spring with an open window to the sea breeze and we invite you to share an amazing experience in a unique setting…

In the 15th Avenue menu you will find some of our most delicious dishes. With the ultimate blue as a background and at affordable prices for everyone…

Food festival every Tuesday from 5pm, 10 €!

Salad (individual)

 Fresh green salad with baby leaves, marinated feta (PDO), and black sesame vinaigrette.

Appetizer (individual)

Kandavlos ( ancient greek pita bread) with sauteed chicken, paprika, mushrooms, crumbled feta and green onion

Main Dish (choose from)

Grilled chicken breast with garnish of your choice


Agioli’s homemade burger (100% beef) with garnish of your choice


1 scoop of fior di latte or chocolate ice cream

1 glass of wine  “o Topos mas Tsantali” or soft drink

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